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We offer emergency plumbing services in and around Estepona 24/365. Whether it's a burst pipe in the middle of your night or an overflowing toilet we can be there to help within 30 mins

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We offer a wide range of plumbing services; including leak detection, drain cleaning and pipe repairs in Estepona.

5.0 Rating From 15 Reviews
on 14, Nov 2023
Top quality repair to toilet and outside tap by Greg today, having only contacted him yesterday. Great communication throughout, work done promptly and for a fair price. We know who to call the next time we need a plumber.
on 16, Nov 2022
Greg came to my rescue after another man walked off the job , he is an absolute professional and knows his trade , I would recommend him 100 % as its so difficult to find a great plumber in Spain and after the mess i was left in , it was great that he spoke English and I could explain the problem to him . After 3 days we have water again , thank you Greg
on 22, Mar 2022
Good skills. Speaks excellent English.
on 02, Feb 2023
Greg responded to the phone call very quickly. He was charming and kept up communication on WhatsApp. He arrived on time and fixed the leak professionally and perfectly. The charge was extremely reasonable for a Sunday call out and very prompt repair. We would recommend him to anyone needing plumbing work on the Costa de Sol and we shall certainly be using him if any more plumbing emergencies arise with us. Excellent all round.
on 14, Jan 2022
Nice job ! Very rapid attendance and excellent job! Thx
on 19, Nov 2021
Many Thanks
on 22, Apr 2023
He knows what he is doing
on 26, Apr 2023
Rapid response and excellent service for a plumbing problem that had to be fixed quickly. Good value and highly recommended.
on 07, Mar 2023
Great reliable plumber!! Friendly, quick and professional!
on 21, Jul 2022
Greg was on time and fixed six or seven problems with our plumbing system within five hours. He seems to know all plumbing and heating systems here in Spain.
on 31, Aug 2021
Greg has been to our apartment twice in the last month. Arrived at appointed time on both occasions, first to install a new boiler and the second time to fix a bathroom leak. Did a brilliant job both times. In particular when promptly responding to fix the leak and for going beyond that in suggestions for tidying up the pipe work while there! Very clean work completed on both visits!
from Marbella
on 26, Apr 2023
Great Plumber! Very professional, excellent job!
on 26, Apr 2023
Very good, prompt communications with Greg and I was very happy with the quality and cost of the work carried out too. Now, the two leaks I had in the bathroom are fixed and I couldn’t be more pleased. Thanks Greg!
on 14, Dec 2022
Brilliant service , boiler problem fixed in under 20 minutes! Best plumber in Marbella . Such a fast, professional and efficient service. Great communication and customer service. Thank you Greg 😊 …
on 10, May 2022
Definitely the best plumber on the South coast! Very punctual and very skilled with what was a tricky job installing a boiling water tap and waste disposal unit. Would have no hesitation in recommending!

Estepona plumbing company

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Estepona quality plumbing services at your doorstep. We cover the whole Andalusia. It can be difficult to find a reliable plumbing company that offers quality service and competitive prices. Luckily for you, we have all of this and more!

Marbella Plumber is the leading plumbing service provider since 2012. Contact us with confidence!

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Estepona plumbing company

Whether you need a new toilet or to repair your toilet fast we are the the people who can help you. Marbella Plumber has been into this business for a very long time and have a lot of experience in different types of toilets in and around the Estepona and Andalusia area. We strive to offer our clients with the best possible service.

Estepona plumbing company

Drain Repair and Installation in Estepona

Our trained and experienced staff can quickly and efficiently solve your drainage issues. With over 20 years of experience, we have helped hundreds of customers in our hometown of Estepona and surrounding areas. With a local reputation to back it up, we provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all workmanship, and will stand behind all our work if anything happens to it.

toilet repair and installation in Estepona

Kitchen and Bathroom Plumbing Estepona

We have experience in all bathroom renovations as well as all plumbing services related to your kitchen.
We are experts in our field and can install faucets, bathtubs, toilet valves, showers and much more. Don't hesitate to fill out the form to get started. We'll contact you as soon as possible. We also offer plumbers who can attend to you the same day.


bathrooms renovated


water heaters fitted

We offer a wide range of plumbing services; including leak detection, drain cleaning and pipe repairs in and around Estepona

Our Latest Projects
Estepona plumbing company

Bathroom Renovation Estepona

We have recently completed a small sized bathroom refit. The client wanted to create a larger and more luxurious bathroom. The work involved the replacement of all pipes within the wall. Re-tiling and decorating and much more.

Estepona plumbing company

Drainage Repair Estepona

Replaced sink waste due to a leak in the drain line. This caused water to travel through a crack in the flooring and under the sink. Our plumber was able to repair the sink waste line and the leak. We were able to get the sink fixed within 3 hours.

Estepona plumbing company

Water Heater Installed Estepona

Our client initially called another emergency company who just simply shut down the water supply to the whole apartment and left without addressing the issue. We came in the very next day and replaced the water heater which had a faulty gasket.

Estepona plumbing company

New Pipes Installed Estepona

Our client just bought the property and needed a complete hot and cold water pipework replacement before doing any other works to his property. We came in the same week and completed the whole project in 3 days. We had a very good relationship with the owner, who was completely satisfied with the end result.

Estepona plumbing company

Kitchen Sink Plumbing Estepona

Low budget project. Lovely old couple purchased a duplex with the intention of a complete refurbishment both bathrooms and kitchens. We have fitted a brand new kitchen with dishwasher and and a small sink.

Estepona plumbing company

Water Filter Installation Estepona

We have fitted a 3 stage reverse osmosis water filter to an office near Estepona to improve the filtration of the water. We have added a secondary bacteria filter as well. The whole process was completed in just a day.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Plumbing related questions in Estepona, Andalusia

Most home owners have trouble finding a reliable plumber or electrician.

Plumbing and electrical professionals have a skill most people lack. It would not have been necessary to hire a plumber or an electrician if we knew how to fix the pipe or wire the bonus room.

We are ignorant not only of their scams, cons, and thievery, but also their plain shoddy work, which causes us to be desperate for their services. The situation is made worse by the fact that we usually call a plumber or electrician because of an emergency. We tend to lower our guard when we’re in a panic for their assistance, making us even more vulnerable to their tricks and dirty tactics.

Additionally, it can be difficult to prosecute plumbers or electricians since the nature of their business makes it impossible to enforce the law. When you come across an electrician or plumber who has conned you out of your money, he or she can usually claim-and mostly do so within the law-that they completed everything you asked for; it’s their word against yours. The homeowner is often powerless to stop the plumber or electrician from moving on to the next victim.

There is a lot of advertising for plumbers and electricians, and finding one is not always easy. You probably already know the first step: hire a plumber or electrician through word-of-mouth. There’s nothing more accurate than referrals, which are not based on newspaper articles or phone book listings. The systems are still not foolproof, however.

For this reason, you need to do more than just ask a friend or colleague for a referral if you want to hire a competent plumber or electrician. There are six other things you need to do as well. You should do six things: research, put everything in writing, grow a backbone, be prepared, watch them work, and be careful with your money.

You must do your research after getting a referral from a trusted friend or colleague. To begin with, you should request proof of worker’s compensation and general liability insurance from a prospective plumber or electrician. It is advisable to check the insurance certificate with the insurance company instead of just believing what they say. The most important thing you can do to find a good plumber or electrician is to get the right certification.

Afterward, you should have a half-dozen references on hand, and you should contact them all. In addition, you should learn about their affiliations with professional associations. After that, you should conduct some online research. See what you can find by searching the name of the plumber or electrician. Your $50 MP3 player that you use while running probably took you hours to research online.  

FIRST CONTRACT- Once you’ve finished your homework and selected a plumber or electrician, make sure you both sign a detailed contract. The document should not only outline exactly what you want done but it should also contain ground rules for working in your home (whether or not they can listen to the radio, whether or not they can use your bathroom, stuff like that). Obviously, you’ll have to be flexible if it’s an emergency, but you should still have something in writing.

If the plumber or electrician balks at the idea, or tries to talk you out of signing a contract, then they have done you a big favor. They have just taken themselves out of the running to be your plumber or electrician. Professionals will gladly sign a detailed contract because they know it benefits you just as much as it benefits them.

In spite of all the horror stories about man’s inhumanity toward man that you see on the evening news, most people in the world want to avoid conflict. That’s great when everyone wants to sing “Kumbaya,” but not so great when a plumber or electrician is trying to cheat you out of your hard earned money.

Some disreputable plumbers and electricians will try to tug on your heartstrings to gain your business, receive an early payout, or simply avoid doing the job altogether. If that doesn’t work some will turn to threats. If they tell you they have a sick child in the hospital or they need their truck repaired don’t believe them. No professional would be that forthcoming with their life’s story. If they make any sort of threat to you or your home, you need to call the cops immediately. If you eventually take the crooks to court you’ll want to show the judge that police report of how they threatened you.

A plumber or an electrician don’t need to be rude or impolite to you; they just need to be tough if they try to take advantage of you. You can also get what you want by being tough. Aside from avoiding conflict, we also want to avoid hurting people’s feelings. As far as plumbing and electrical work are concerned, everything is a matter of feelings. There are plenty of plumbers and electricians in business who don’t want to receive compliments.

PREPARE FOR OPERATIONS – Quite often we must reach out to a plumber or electrician for an emergency. Those tips do not negate what we have already outlined for you, but you must be prepared. Have your plumber and electrician on speed dial in case something goes wrong (God forbid). By waiting until there is an emergency, you are increasing your risk of being ripped off and/or getting sloppy work.

It might not seem like it, but you’re not a plumber or an electrician, but you can still watch what’s happening. If possible, take pictures of their progress and ask questions as they work. I would not recommend hovering over their shoulders, but keeping an eye on their work and asking questions will keep you informed. Nobody is as concerned about your home as you are, not even the most qualified plumber or electrician.

Finally, you must understand the golden rule when it comes to not only hiring a plumber or electrical contractor, but anyone that works on your home, and that is money controls the job. At some point you will have to pay them, and you may even have to pay some of the money up front. However, as soon as you give them all the money, you lose all control. Even the most reputable electricians and plumbers need to bear this in mind. Upon completion and satisfaction, you will be charged in full.

Conclusion: I apologize if you believe I’m trying to make you suspicious, untrusting, or paranoid. I don’t intend that to happen. There are unscrupulous people in this world, however. Taking strangers at their word would be nice, just as leaving our cars unlocked at night would be nice, but unfortunately we don’t have that luxury.  

An association of plumbers is one of the best resources for It is a sign of quality and dedication to the craft to join a trade association, which encourages technical ability, customer service, and delivering quality service. There is more to a great plumber than being technically adept and doing the job well. It’s about communication, reliability, and trust. Plumbers who don’t respect your home aren’t worth hiring. Professional tradesmen provide all-around services.




Asking family, friends, neighbors, and real estate agents can help you find a good plumber. Plumbers often have a list of reliable, fast-responding plumbers because plumbing problems hold up home sales the fastest.


Professional plumbers typically offer free estimates, which means they will visit your home, examine the job, and give you an estimate. You shouldn’t let the plumber give you a price over the phone without seeing the repair first, as any estimate given this way is likely to be inaccurate.



Typical plumbing repair prices range from €55 to €150 for small jobs like unclogging a sink or clearing a drain, to up to €300 and €500 for larger jobs like fixing a water heater or sump pump. The cost of calling out a plumber varies from $30 to $100 for the first hour of work.



Homeowners will face plumbing issues from time to time. Occasionally, plumbing equipment may develop problems due to aging fixtures or normal wear and tear, whereas other problems might result from improper use or maintenance of certain systems.

If you need help with an uncommon problem or a common one, Bartingale Mechanical can help. Here are some of the most common issues you will run into and some information about why they happen and what can be done about them.

  1. Dripping Faucets

The problem with dripping faucets is that they waste water and cost money. Wear-and-tear of washers or O rings can sometimes cause drips, and they can be easily replaced. Another possible cause of drips is corrosion or incorrectly installed faucets.


If your faucet is dripping:


You can use an on-line drip calculator to determine how much you might be paying for that drip.

⦁ Our plumbers can diagnose the problem if a simple washer or O ring replacement doesn’t work!


  1. Leaky Pipes

All kinds of problems can result in leaking pipes, including:


  • A stubborn clog
  • The pipe was laid incorrectly
  • There is corrosion on pipes
  • Damage to the pipe joints
  • Pipes or seals that are cracked
  • Water pressure that is too high


Whenever there is a leak in a pipe, it needs to be repaired immediately! As your plumbing system and home are damaged, the longer you ignore leaky pipes, the more damage they will do.


  1. Running Toilets

Did you know that a toilet can guzzle up to 200 gallons per day if it is running? Water waste like that is a huge problem! Runny toilets are usually caused by the following factors:


  • There is a problem with refill tubes
  • The seals or valves of the flappers are worn out
  • Flopper chains that are not the correct size
  • The handles on the toilets have corroded


  1. Low Water Pressure

Your home’s plumbing systems may not work very well if you have low water pressure! In most cases, low water pressure is a sign of bigger plumbing issues, such as:


⦁ Pipe corrosion

⦁ Hidden water leaks in your home

⦁ Drain or sewer clogs

⦁ Cracked or blocked sewer lines

  1. Slow or Clogged Drains

If left unattended, drainage issues can cause health hazards and even plumbing disasters! Generally speaking:


If you experience just one slow or clogged drain in your home, chances are you have a localized issue. These drain clogs are most often caused by hair, soap, or other foreign objects that simply accumulate over time in a drain. An easy solution to this issue is to routinely clean your drains.


You may have sewer line problems if you have multiple slow or clogged drains. If you notice multiple slow drains in your home, be sure to call a plumber from Bartingale Mechanical immediately – especially if the problem begins with the drains in the lowest areas of your house!


  1. Sump Pump Failure

It is possible for a sump pump to fail due to an internal or external issue. In most cases, sump pumps fail due to the following reasons:


Switches that become stuck

Water that is overwhelming, like when it has rained heavily

⦁ Clogged drainage pipes

⦁ Improperly installed sump pumps

⦁ Aging, with 10 year old sump pumps prone to failure


  1. Water Heater Problems

A home cannot function without hot water. Then, homeowners may be facing a plumbing crisis when their water heaters aren’t producing enough hot water or even any! There are several reasons why water heaters malfunction, including:


A failure of a heating element

Corrosion in systems or sediment buildup

Electrical connections that are loose or broken

⦁ Improperly installed water heaters

A system that is not sized properly or the wrong type for a home’s requirement


There is good news with all of these problems. They can all be prevented or easily fixed before they become serious problems. Make sure you are aware of potential plumbing problems.



In today’s Do It Yourself (DIY) culture, many homeowners opt to do their own plumbing installations and repairs instead of hiring professionals. Experts may seem expensive, but their services offer many advantages over DIY repair. You should hire a plumber with experience for the reasons listed below.


Our heating unit was malfunctioning. Despite David’s repeated claims, the pump still isn’t working. 


Professional Services that are Licensed and Insured


Fixing plumbing problems yourself comes with a number of potential risks, such as failure or more damage. It means that you will have to spend more time and money since there is no warranty for the plumbing supplies and the labor used.  


Detailed Diagnostics


Expert contractors will give you a detailed diagnostic report when they repair your plumbing system. The majority of plumbing problems are caused by hidden causes. Providing you with a comprehensive report is the responsibility of a well-trained professional.


Become familiar with plumbing codes


In order for any repairs to be legal, they must adhere to the plumbing codes. Experts understand the local, state, and national plumbing codes well, and that is a very good reason to hire them.  


Latest plumbing equipment


The equipment needed for DIY repairs is an additional expense. However, professionals use the most recent equipment when performing plumbing work. They are experts in this field, so they invest a great deal of money and time in acquiring the latest and greatest devices.  


A permanent solution is assured


Plumbing contractors can offer you permanent solutions when you hire them. With their expertise and skills, these professionals will prevent you from experiencing similar problems in the future.


Multiple Plumbing Services


Having a plumbing contractor to fix leaking faucets in your home is not the only benefit of hiring them. In addition to plumbing repairs, professionals could perform a variety of other tasks around the house, including installing dishwashers, replacing pipes, and repairing leaks. Having your home’s plumbing system maintained by professionals gives you peace of mind.


Getting plumbing work done by a professional is always preferable to doing it yourself. Always leave your plumbing system to the professionals; never take chances. Look for contractors with the required training, experience, and skills.



A professional plumber should handle the following 10 plumbing issues.


  1. Clogged Drains

When you drain water from your sink in your home, does it take a long time? It is not uncommon for homeowners to have slow-draining sinks in their kitchens and bathrooms due to clogged pipes caused by food particles and hair.


You can purchase all kinds of drain cleaning products. Taking care with them can help prevent drain damage, though. You may even experience more backups due to them.


Your drains can be cleared out by a plumber who provides drain cleaning services. Plumbing snakes will be used to find and remove clogs in your pipes by the plumbers.


  1. Leaking pipes

When the plumbing pipes are installed correctly when a house is built, the pipes will last for a very long time. Nevertheless, pipes can start deteriorating and even leak over time.


It is rather obvious when a pipe is leaking.  


But you should also be on the lookout for less obvious signs as well. Among them are:


Bills for water that kept going up

Bathrooms with mold and mildew

There is almost always water flowing through a water meter

Basements and bathrooms with musty odors

The foundation of your home is cracked


An inspection of your current plumbing system is a good idea if you suspect leaky pipes in your residence. By identifying leaks, they can fix them.

  1. Leaking faucets

Most people experience leaky faucets at least once in their lifetime. Over the course of time, every homeowner is eventually going to have a leaky faucet.


Leaky faucets should be fixed as quickly as possible, since otherwise a lot of water would be wasted.  


Leaky faucets are often thought of as an easy fix. Faulty faucets can be caused by a number of factors, including:


Damaged O-ring

Valves/washers failing

Cartridge from the past

Plumbers can sometimes fix specific parts on a faucet to fix leaks. For some homeowners, they will have to replace a faucet entirely to avoid wasting water.


  1. Burst Pipes

Nashville, TN and the surrounding areas do not often experience temperatures below freezing. There are times, however, when the mercury dips under 32 degrees Fahrenheit, and that can be hazardous for the pipes in your home.


It is possible for plumbing pipes to freeze and burst when the weather is extremely cold. Water leaks can cause extensive damage to your home if they ever happen.


If your plumbing pipes freeze in winter, there are some steps to take. The following can be done:


If it is very cold outside, you should let your faucet drip to keep your pipes from freezing.

Your plumbing pipes should be repaired if there are any cracks.

Ensure the pipes that run through cold places in your house are insulated.


Heat can be obtained by opening up cabinets with pipes.

During the winter, your home should be kept at a comfortable temperature at all times.


You can typically avoid plumbing pipe bursts by doing these things. However, if a plumbing pipe bursts, you’ll be in for a serious situation. Plumbing services must be sought right away.


  1. Replace the pipes

Despite the amount of effort you put into maintaining and repairing the plumbing in your home, the pipes aren’t going to last forever.


For galvanized steel supply lines, you’ll have about 20 to 50 years of life, for copper supply lines, about 50 years, and for brass supply lines, about 40 to 70 years. Cast iron drain lines, on the other hand, will often last between 75 and 100 years.


The pipes in your house will wear out over time and will have to be replaced with new ones.

Expert plumber who replaces pipes without causing a mess as quickly as possible.


  1. New Plumbing Installation


Building the home of your dreams? If so, you’ve spent hours figuring out what each room of your home will look like and determining how the space will be laid out.


Make sure the bones of the house are strong before you get carried away choosing paint colors and hardwood flooring. Installing a plumbing system capable of supplying your entire home with water and draining it away is one of the most essential things you can do.


A plumbing company that specializes in new plumbing installation can make the job easier for you. They can also speak with you about what’s possible as far as adding special sinks, showers, toilets, and more to your home’s bathrooms.


  1. Pipe Relocation

If you’re currently remodeling a kitchen or bathroom, you might want to take a sink, a toilet, or even a bathtub and relocate it to a different part of the room. It’s possible to do this—but it’s not always easy.


In order to change the location of a plumbing fixture, you need to relocate all the plumbing pipes that go along with it. This often means you need to remove flooring and subfloors and reroute plumbing pipes throughout a room.


This is most definitely not a job for an amateur that doesn’t know what they’re doing. You’ll want a professional plumber by your side providing you with plumbing services before you begin moving things around in a kitchen or bathroom.


  1. Installation of refrigerator water lines

Is your kitchen equipped with an ice and water dispenser since you just got a new refrigerator?




You can use the same water line you used to hook up your previous refrigerator if it had a dispenser. You’ll probably need a plumber to install the water line in your refrigerator if you haven’t ever had one.


  1. Leaky Water Heater

Does the water pool outside the hot water heater in your home? You might have a malfunctioning water heater.


A malfunctioning hot water heater part could also be the cause of this. It is possible for your water heater’s temperature and pressure relief valve to remain open and leak water if too much pressure is built inside the heater’s tank.


If a leaky water heater needs to be fixed or replaced, you can call a plumber.  


  1. Water Heater Installation

A typical hot water heater lasts approximately 8-12 years. It will begin to fail at that point and cease to provide hot water for your home.


The inability to take showers, wash dishes, run your washing machine, or even wash your hands will leave you frustrated when your hot water heater breaks down. As soon as possible after installation, you should begin to send hot water back through your home.


The different types of water heaters available today can be shown to you by a reputable plumber. You can also have the one you’ve chosen installed by them so that it will last you for years to come.

Plumbers should ask these 5 questions before hiring them, as we are experts in this field.


What is your area of expertise?

Does the quote include all services?

Is labor and material included in the quote? 

What is your rate by the hour or flat rate? 

Is there anything you require in terms of payment?


When things go wrong with a home’s plumbing system, some homeowners are unsure how to fix it, so they ask experts for help. Some scammers are very simple to lure into their traps with low-cost ads; not all are truly experts.Hiring a reputable professional is always the most effective way to avoid plumbing scams. Different levels of services are also available from plumbers. Checking the online reviews of companies as well as asking your friends and family can give you a good sense of trustworthiness.

What are the signs of a scam?

As you begin the process, ask questions. You shouldn’t think twice about answering a contractor’s questions if he wants your business.

Licenses can also be obtained. Licenses and business registrations must be available upon request.

Obtain a written quote whenever possible. It’s always a good idea to ask for written estimates; know your budget and your rights.

It might be a scammer if a contractor becomes offended or angry when you ask him questions and demand high-quality work. 

You should be aware of the following plumbing scams:

Usually occurs when large plumbing jobs require a lot of staff. As an example, two plumbers would be needed to solve your plumbing issue. Three plumbers arrive on day one, three more arrive on day four, and another plumber joins on day five. These additional people will also be charged to you as labor.

Never let a plumber quote on your job without actually seeing the problem. Quotes that are not in writing should never be accepted.


Yes, we work with only the best qualified electrician in Estepona. Vargaluz is our favourite choice when we need to use electrical services on some our jobs. Mainly when we install thermostats and hot water storage tanks. We also need a qualified electrician for solar installations and repairs in Estepona

We can recommend local cleaners in Estepona with confidence. The best is We higly recommend this cleaning company in and around Estepona.